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10 Years Of Therapy Organics - Top 10 Natural Wellness Products

10 Years Of Therapy Organics - Top 10 Wellness Products

Here's a rundown of our best selling Natural Wellness products over the last 10 years. Those trusty favourites to keep in the cupboard. The stand out products our customers come back for time and time again because they work wonders. These are the wellness products we wouldn't be without...

1. Dr Schulze Superfood.

A daily dose of superfood adds the equivalent of a few kilos of veg per day to your diet! Packed full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, this is a real energy boost and hormone balancer all in one.

2. Pure Encapsulations One Multi-Vitamin

As a daily dose or a part time pick-me-up, One Multi is the master of multivitamins. Therapeutic doses mean one a day keeps the doctor away. With our without iron, you choose!

3. Life & Soul Omega 3

An anti-inflammatory wonder, our most potent Omega 3 supplement to ease the joints, boost the brain, smooth the skin and manage the mood. The list of benefits is actually endless and we wouldn't be without.

4. Viridian Saccharomyces Boullardii

A probiotic with superpowers! Saccharomyces is one of the probiotics our customers really notice the difference with, especially for constipation and inflammation.

5. Haughton Honey

Honey is one of natures true superfoods IF it's taken as nature suggests... this means raw and unprocessed. Raw honey retains all the natural goodness that would otherwise be removed during processing. This honey is local to us and ticks all our our boxes.

6. Magnesium

The Must Have Mineral ... Magnesium is frequently deficient in the diet, affecting sleep, ability to relax and also energy levels. It seems we could all do with a little more of this mineral, and most feeling better for taking it. Viridians High Potency magnesium contains 3 types of magnesium and gets great results.

7. Viridian Beta Glucan / Immune Complex

A boost to your troops, this immune formula is excellent to stop you picking up bugs and knocking them down when they do get in. A complete complex of immune boosting beauties.

8. Terranova Smooth Synergy

An anxiety buster for when the challenges of life seem a little bit much. Smooth synergy is your best, hand holding friend to calm you down and lift you up at all the same time.

9. Viridian Vitamin D3 Liquid

Our sunny British shores are sadly lacking in providing the Vitamin D we need, but thankfully Viridian have come to the rescue with this easy to take Vitamin D liquid. Ethically sourced from this beautiful British brand.

10. Yourgut Restore

An advanced, high strength complex of pre and probiotics. Containing 8 strains to boost the microbiome and deal with all kinds of digestive issues. Good health starts with gut health and this product gets great results.



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