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The latest superfood craze is here… but this time, it's ethical, sustainable and tastes great too! Baobab powder is the dried pulp of the baobab fruit and it has an impressive nutrient portfolio, not to mention a great source of fibre for digestive health and in my opinion, a great and nutritious way to add sweetness to foods. Its impressive anti-oxidant status, which is the highest of any fruit in the world, is why there is such a Baobab buzz right now!

Baobab fruit is grown across Africa and there is no plantation, just community owned trees. The fruit dries on the tree and the powder that we get is just the harvest of the dried pulp from the inner fruit. Nothing else added! Aduna work with the suppliers from rural villages to ensure that they receive a fair price and support these small scale producers to create economic opportunities, sustainable incomes and prevent deforestation.

As Aduna grow so does their product offering. Each addition is unique. Look out for Moringa too as an alternative to the usual 'greens'. Moringa packs a powerful protein punch, making it great for exercise enthusiasts.

We have well and truly signed up to the Aduna Feel Good Tribe and welcome you on board!

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