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Here at Therapy, we love keeping as close to nature as possible and Kinn is a fine example of this. Bee pollen is a well known addition to the diet to provide healthy free form amino acids and a wealth of phytonutrients from flower pollen collected by bees. What is not so well known is that the bees actually ferment this prior to using as their own food... mixing enzymes and a little honey from the hive to the bee pollen, the bees then leave this to naturally ferment which allows all of the precious nutrients to become bioavailable.

Kiin was founded in the lush fields of Latvia by three generations of bee keepers who gradually built a research facility to look into the health properties that can be provided with the help of bees. Keeping a deep respect for nature and only taking a little of the bee bread, leaving more than plenty to sustain the health of the bees throughout the winter time.

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