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Coprinus comatus

Four Powerful Benefits of Coprinus Mushroom

Join us as we explore the four powerful benefits of the Coprinus mushroom.

What is Coprinus mushroom?

A very unique mushroom that can reach 20 cm in height and an elongated bell-shaped hat covered with numerous white and fine scales. Also known as Coprinus Comatus. It is a very fragile mushroom and interestingly one of the few medicinal mushrooms whose effects were not discovered by traditional Chinese medicine, but European.

Weight balance

Medicinal properties have been studied in cases of obesity and metabolic problems. Coprinus is the go to mushroom for helping with weight gain.

Blood glucose levels

Coprinus contains a natural compound that mimics insulin, making this mushroom excellent for balancing blood sugar levels.


Properties of the coprinus helps to recover the pancreas in cases of diabetes and regulate insulin levels naturally.


This mushroom improves blood circulation which in turn positively affects the health of arteries.

Some nutrients featured in Coprinus


Known to support the immune system.


A mineral of particular benefit for diabetes and blood sugar regulation.


A mineral that can help improve insulin sensitivity.

Abundance of B Vitamins.

High in Vitamin C, D and E.

Rich in minerals Iron, Copper and Zinc.

Recommended For

Circulation , Diabetes , Blood Sugar Balance , Weight Balance

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