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Our beauty product ranges combine the best that nature has to offer, with advancing science to achieve the best results. We understand ingredients, scrutinise labels and we're only impressed with the very best. Our skin is our largest living organ and absorbs the beauty products we use… why put on the skin what's not meant to be within?

We select products whose ingredients are in their most pure state; always natural, but preferably organic or wildcrafted. We love raw, cold pressed, and synergistically blended products that themselves have living vitamin, mineral, enzyme and antioxidant properties. Such products work with our skin rather than against. We select beauty products whose development is an art and to use them is a joy.

Many 'natural and organic' brands on the market contain only a small fraction of the natural or organic ingredient, amidst other chemical ingredients. This is not the case at Therapy. Each range is special and must stand above the competition to earn a place on our shelves.

Indulge in some Retail Therapy from our hand-picked product range, or visit our Complementary Therapy clinic for the most scientifically advanced yet natural facial and beauty treatments.

‘No knives or needles, just nature and nurture’

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