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Microbiome Test


The Microbiome test provides an easy to understand insight into your gut microbiome in an easy to interpret format for an insight into the inner workings of your health. The report looks into four key areas relating to the microbiome as follows:

  • Health – the test gives you a microbiome health score that you can work to improve and also looks at how to protect against potential disease risks.
  • Nutrition - this area looks at the diversity and markers such as butyrate for an overview of the health of the microbiome and how this may impact on your micronutrient manufacture.
  • Foods – the test uses your results to identify a list of specific foods that can be consumed to improve the health of your gut microbiome.
  • Bacterial composition – a full list of your bacteria is provided and information about which enterotype you belong to and which nationality your microbiome is most similar too.

With this test a Nutrition Consultation is not required in advance. However, it is recommended where possible to book in for a consultation when you have your results if you want a full interpretation so you can maximise the analysis and create a tailored plan to improve your health.

Recommended For

Wellness , Digestive & Gut

Sample Requirements

Stool sample

Sample Report

Turnaround Time

4-8 weeks

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