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Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight has far reaching health benefits way beyond aesthetics. As Nutritional Therapists, we understand that achieving your perfect weight is not just a simple equation as calories in versus calories burnt. Whilst this is obviously the first initial basic consideration, there are much more complex issues that need addressing. Sustainability and maintenance of weight gain or loss is important, however the impact on health is of equal or even greater importance.

We use the term weight management as whilst some people may struggle to lose weight, others may struggle to gain weight. Weight gain is as important as weight loss as this is an equally complex issue that if not addressed may impact upon longer term health with considerations for fertility, bone health and brain health in particular.

When it comes to weight loss, some people may find this easy whilst the next person may struggle with the same approach to see any positive change. This is what makes us all unique and we work to create a bespoke and tailored plan that works for the individual based on their specific biochemistry. Sometimes it is actually the additions to the diet rather than using restrictions that support weight loss to make an enjoyable programme for positive long term change.

For some, weight management may be more focused on endocrine support, possibly relating to the adrenals or thyroid or both. There may be specific nutrient deficiencies that are at play and preventing either weight loss or weight gain. For others, we may need to focus on fibre and the digestive system and you guessed it… the microbiome. Lifestyle factors of course are factored into the plan and promoted to create the right type of movement to achieve goals and succeed. We dispel old teachings such as fat making us gain weight, working with the latest science with the right form of beneficial fats to balance blood sugar and prevent spikes converting to fat stores.

As Nutritional Therapists, we create a clear and manageable plan to support your health goals. Working with you every step of the way to monitor and assess change. We chart progress at each consultation so we know that we are on the right track and we continue to educate and motivate you throughout the process.

Functional testing in relation to weight management is mainly done during the consultation using Body Composition analysis if this is something the client is comfortable with doing. We also have other tools are our disposable to get more detail if we need to. The most popular tests we would look at when it comes to Weight Management would be the Adrenal Stress Index and the Complete Thyroid Panel.

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