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Collagen & Protein - Strengthen Skin and Support The Body From Within

Collagen & Protein

Strengthen Skin & Support The Body From Within

We’ll start with the nitty gritty of protein. So, firstly protein is the building blocks of our tissues, cells and hormones. It is essential for cell regeneration and for supporting of our immune system too. Protein supports our blood sugar balance, reduces hunger cravings, balances mood changes and helps manage anxiety and stress. It basically holds us all together! Which then leads us to talk about collagen...

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, it’s what gives our gorgeous skin the strength and elasticity needed for everlasting youth. Unfortunately, as we age our ability to generate collagen slows down, especially when we are exposed to environmental toxins and living life in the fast lane! However, lucky for us, there are many ways to protect our collagen and to help us to naturally enhance the production. We have searched high and low for the best quality products to support all of our needs from energy to skin to general wellbeing, and below are the chosen ones we feel do just that.

Ancient & Brave

Radiant Collagen

The Skin Beautifier - Gorgeous blend of berries, beetroot and avocado to give us that ultimate glow and all-round radiance. This vibrant blend has a very generous dose of vitamin C, alongside antioxidant rich ingredients including raspberry, haskap berry and white tea extract. The perfect pick for natural skin renewal and collagen enhancement for a youthful complexion.

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Naked Collagen

The Body Specialist – This very unique blend of glucosamine, choline and vitamin D is designed specifically to support bone health, liver function and the immune system. It's the perfect addition for those living a demanding lifestyle, with a high dose vitamin C to support a reduction in fatigue whilst naturally enhancing our collagen production, and of course our skin. The glucosamine comes from a vegan fermented source and the taste is neutral for this one to be easily added to any drink or smoothie.

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Inspired Collagen

Brain Power – A special blend of Ayurvedic warming spices, restorative ashwagandha and Hebredian seaweed to help balance mood and support brain health. Beautifully designed to help uplift your senses and support mindful wellbeing. The ingredients in this blend also include high dose vitamin C, turmeric and the prebiotic chicory root inulin for extra anti-inflammatory benefits and gut support for beauty from the inside out and optimal brain health too.

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The Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef Body - Your fermented friend – This revolutionary super-food protein powder has everything you need to nourish your body from the inside out. Combined with alkalising greens such as chlorella, barley, alfalfa, broccoli, some lovely pre and probiotics using The Beauty Chef’s unique 5 stage biofermentation process, topped with metabolism boosting matcha and a mix of berries for some extra anti-oxidants. The gorgeous array of plant proteins adds a naturally complete amino acid profile, making this blend fit for the fittest! This 100% vegan blend comes in two beautiful flavours, chocolate and vanilla which can be mixed alone with the milk of your choice or added into a smoothie for some extra wholesome goodness.

Planet Paleo

Organic Bone Broth

The Bone Buddy. New to the protein party and bringing some unique qualities with it. Derived from grass-fed sources, packed with powerful nutrients which have been dehydrated to a supremely high standard. Bone broth dates back to prehistoric times being a staple in their diet for bone support, digestive healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This is thanks to the amazing array of amino acids which aid in healing and support your body in building its own connective tissue, supporting us from head to toe.

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Sun Warrior Protein

Sunwarrior - The Gym-Goody. Sunwarrior, the old kids on the block, dominating the protein world for years. Synergistic effect of their four powerful ingredients legumes, hempseed, goji berries and coconut MCT’s, creating the finest complete amino acid profile full with BCAA’s to help build muscle and support collagen production. The MCT adds a little extra energy, whilst the natural antioxidants and electrolytes help to enhance workouts, replenish the body and give some extra support in recovery. This blend is full of easily digested fibre, essential fats and tastes totally delicious. A selection of four lovely flavours, chocolate, vanilla, berry and natural. The perfect potion for gym-goers, on its own or added to food for an extra protein kick. This also can be used as a flour replacement for protein pancakes.

If you've any questions or would like guidance on the right product for you, just call and have a chat with one of the team on 01625 400113.

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Sarah-Lou is a Nutritional Therapist at Therapy Organics, providing expert qualified advice in one-to-one consultations, and offering advice in the shop.

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