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Dr.Hauschka Skincare - Natural Beauty At It's Best

Over the (many!) years of working in the Natural Health & Beauty Industry, one skincare range has consistently stood out from the crowd and delivered results. We've seen skin conditions of all types (acne, rosacea, dry, sensitive...) all considerably improve, and can hand on heart say that Dr. Hauschka skincare is one of our favourite Natural Skincare Brands. We may dip in and out, but always come back to it.

The secret of Dr.Hauschka skincare? The whole philosophy is to balance rather than interrupt your skins own functions. Because by balancing the systems and functions involved in healthy skin, your skin will naturally glow. This can make Dr.Hauschka seem a little different to most, but it works...


Yes, the Dr.Hauschka range does not include a nightcream. Night time is when your skin will naturally eliminate and renew for a healthy, clear complexion. "But my skin will dry out "we hear you cry! The Dr.Hauschka system encourages your skin to balance it's own moisture levels, the skin is a clever living, breathing organ, and given the right ingredients it will. (Dr. Hauschka do make a Night Serum which feeds the skin at night to balance the renewal processes, however this isn't oil based so doesn't block pores).


"If you want to study health, study rhythm". This was the message Dr.Hauschka received from Steiner back in the 1920s. Hauschka went on to study rhythms, of the body, of nature and of the planet. Rhythm carries life and a healthy skin looks alive and glowing. The Dr.Hauschka skincare range was born based on this deep philosophy and intelligence of nature.


The lymphatic system is our internal cleansing system. It relies on movement to function, hence rhythmic movements such as walking, running and bouncing are all wonderful for helping it function and helping cleanse our bodies from the inside out. The lymph nodes sit just underneath the surface of the skin, the system is delicate and benefits from being treated as such.

Dr. Hauschka facial and body treatments have a deep respect for this system and consist of carefully orchestrated stroking of the skin which stimulates the lymphatic system. The cleansing products require you to use a 'press and roll' technique which stimulates the lymph. A facial builds on these techniques and can benefit the whole body, and a body treatment will natually have huge benefits to the skin. Dr Haushcka treatments are extremely gentle to support the lymph and encourage the skin to glow naturally. Have a look at our Dr Hauschka treatments.

Full Dr.Hauschka Range: Click here

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Kylie Williams is a Co-Director of Therapy Organics, and also a Bowen Technique Therapist. She is passionate about natural medicine to optimise health.

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