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Get, Set, Glow... Our Guide to Getting Beach Ready

Holiday time means buff, polish and shine. YEA! If you're off for some Vitamin Sea, here's our guide to getting beach ready, with only the best natural and organic products, using what works according to our lovely customers.

PREPARE... Glow before you go!

Eco by Sonya have created 'The' body scrub which flies off the shelves of our shop... this may officially be our favourite natural body scrub. The Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is coconut oil based, smells tropical and not only removes dead skin cells effectively, it leaves skin seriously silky smooth. It just keeps winning awards. This is rough love for smooth skin. Apply onto dry skin either with hands or the Eco By Sonya exfoliating mit, have a good circular motion rub, concentrate on any problem areas, and hey presto, not only will your body be ready to holiday, but the scent will transport you and you'll feel like you're already there... (so it's perfect too if you're holidaying at home!)

Another tub of salty scrub that we love is the Rosemary Chi Body Scrub by Bodhi & Birch. Did you know that Himalayan Salt Crystals possess unique mineral ions to help equalise the body's bioenergetic fields, stimulate cell regeneration, enhance lymphatic flow and induce a meditative sense of calm. Combine this salty magic with a restorative blend of essential oils and you'll find the new you waiting outside of your bathroom door. A little messy but you can't make a beautiful cake without breaking an egg.

And if you need a little pre-holiday tan (fake it 'till you make it!) then Eco By Sonya have the products for you. Tanning as light or as deep as you want it, wherever you want it. We absolutely love their Face Tanning Water, it's super easy to use and you'll look like the sun has bronzed you beautifully, no fakery in sight.

A little regular pre holiday moisturisation preps the skin for the sun. We love Dr Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil. This is uplifting to the spirit, and helps to tone the skin so helps reduce the appearance of cellulite..

Mosquitos & Allergies

If you're prone to mosquito bites we advise taking Vitamin B1 for 2 weeks before your holiday, and whilst away too. This vitamin produces a skin odour that is not detectable by humans, but is disagreeable to mosquitos. It takes 2 weeks for the odour to fully saturate the skin. If you've only got a week to go we'd advise you still take it. It really can make a difference and if you're the type of person who lies in bed awake, alert and ready to commit mosquito murder then this will surely help you sleep better. Take it in the morning (rather than evening) daily before and during your holiday.

The next essential is Z Gel. We've been testing this for sometime, and customers are reporting almost miracles. For use on anything irritating, it really makes a difference. For holidays it's essential for mosquito bites, skin irritations, sun reactions, burns, cuts, bruises... the list goes on. Z Gel has become our 'first aid for everything' product.

If prickly heat or sun allergy is a problem, try taking Viridian SPF capsules for 2 weeks before you go. The combination of ingredients builds natural sun protection in the skin, which also helps to minimise prickly heat. Don't forget to also use a chemical free sun-cream, (our favourite is Green People) which won't irritate and will allow the skin to breathe. This combination works really well for most people to completely avoid the irritation associated with prickly heat and sun allergies.


Salt & Stone

Salt and stone


Caudalie suncare image

Green People

Green people suncare

We've a range of natural suncreams, these are our absolute favourite brands. If Californian surf dude is your style, we recommend Salt & Stone products. Cool packaging, clear ingredients and lots of skin nourishing oils, Salt & Stone was new in the UK recently and we're loving it...

Caudalie have introduced their suncare range recently, with natural ingredients and a particular focus on being reef friendly. Clean suncare is no longer a compromise when your suncare can be this safe, easily rubbed in and absorbed, and smells this good. The filters used are all recognised as safe for the skin, and safe for the marine eco system too. Caudalie have paid particular attention to these requirements and we think they've done a very fine job.

We love Green People sun-cream. It's all natural, doesn't clog the skin and many customers find that they tan more evenly and their tan lasts longer. Perfect for anyone with any skin conditions, especially good for children with eczema, and also great for prevention of prickly heat.


Save room in your case by packing a travel size set of skincare. A must have is the AEOS tester kit (a steal at £9.50) which allows you to try every product in the range and see the difference the range can make. AEOS are quite insistent that if using the range you only use their products, as they are trying to balance the skin and combining with other (possibly less pure) products may inhibit this process. Just as important as what's in the bottle,is what is not in the bottle. There's nothing we wouldn't want to see according to our Therapy Approved standards, and furthermore there's absolutely no preservatives which is difficult for any, even natural brand to achieve. A sure way to get gorgeous, glowing holiday skin.

Abloom do our Russian Doll of travel care kits, this is the kit that keeps on giving. It contains moisturisers, eye cream, facial cleanser, 2 serums, the amazing Miracle Treatment Oil, 4 x face masks and our favourite Soothing Gel (wonderful after sun exposure and stops bites from itching; we wouldn't be without it!).

Worthy of note for anyone prone to congested skin is Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream. This cleanser is a 'paste' which is the best we've ever used for deep cleansing the pores, especially important to keep skin clear from the build up of suncream. A thorough cleanse with this each evening with keep skin clear and looking radiant, without disturbing the important (and protective) natural barrier, the acid mantle. This is suitable for all skin types, but especially important for congested skin.

Moa Balm: Another Multi purpose balm that can be what you want it to be! Insect bites, cuts, first aid balm, lip balm, cleanser and eye make up remover. Moa is a travellers best friend.

Probiotics: Come in or call for our advice on the right ones for you. Great to prevent or treat any digestive upsets, or for those people whose digestive system also takes a holiday at the same time! An all round favourite for any sensitive stomachs is Viridian Travel Biotic.


Glow from day to night with our little luxuries!

Abloom Soothing Lotion comes into it's own in summer. This is a tonic for your skin. It feeds, nourishes, adds vitamins and calms redness and irritation, and is designed to be used as a daily serum under moisturiser. However, for burnt or sensitive noses and shoulders it's a must. It also doubles as the most effective aftersun combined with the most effective bite soother, providing immediate relief from itching.

If where you're heading is hot hot hot, keep your cool with Caudalie Beauty Elixir. This spray refreshes, cools and hydrates the skin. It smells of summer. A quick spritz and your summer skin will be glammy not clammy. Can be used on top of make up too.

Abloom Miracle Treatment Oil also smells wonderful and provides a heavenly concoction of the worlds most nourishing oils. Use on face and body, the turmeric helps protect the skin from pigmentation. A miracle in a bottle.


Beauty Elixir

- £34.00

Then a quick waft of mascara, luminize and highlight for the night with an RMS Luminiser, for an added boost of radiance. This instantly illuminates the skin with a dewy , radiant sheen. For cheekbones, browbones and anywhere you want to highlight. Non glittery, just gorgeous!

That's it for now, grab your bag, and off you go! Happy Holidays!

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Kylie Williams is a Co-Director of Therapy Organics, and also a Bowen Technique Therapist. She is passionate about natural medicine to optimise health.

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