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Melanie Hutton

Melanie is a bubbly, warm and enthusiastic therapist who loves to see the smiles and relaxed faces of clients after her treatments. She provides massage and facial treatments at our clinic in Wilmslow, Cheshire. She has a wonderfully healing touch.


NVQ Beauty Level 3, Massage, Facials, Specialist Facial Techniques

Melanie has been a holistic therapist for many years and offers a wide range of treatments.

Melanie is an outgoing and energetic soul and loves to see the smiles and relaxed faces of clients after a treatment! She says "Seeing people happy relaxed and in tune with their true self is a joy".

Throughout her treatments she has connected with people from all over the world.

Melanie walks her talk and is an expert in many therapies, is a yoga teacher and also very knowledgable about Nutritional Therapy.

Her style of massage works on improving the quality of soft tissues within the body through deep pressure or enjoying the healing properties of aromatherapy oils. Through the application of numerous techniques, Melanie will ensure the very best results with minimal discomfort. Massage is a very personal experience and she'll always adapt to suit your specific needs.

Mel will work with your body and instinctively combine her skills through massage, energy work, thai massage, aromatherapy and the healing power of touch.

Melanies aim is to help you connect and relax and heal whilst leaving the list of things to do at the door.

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