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AEOS Holistic Regeneration Facial


Cost: £70 / 99

Duration: 60 / 120 mins

AEOS Holistic Regeneration Facial

60mins - £70 120 mins £99

AEOS is a skincare brand we absolutely love here at Therapy Organics. The name AEOS stands for Active, Energetic, Organic Skincare. The brand is British, biodynamic and grow most of their skin nourishing ingredients at their Demeter-Certified Shire UK.

AEOS products combine and include the alchemical techniques of the ancients, along with cutting edge skincare formulas, revolutionary in our time.

Active: the ingredients in AEOS products are ‘alive’ or‘active’. From plant extracts and essential oils to enzymes and vitamins, all ingredients are sourced from soil that’s been deeply nourished and activated through organic or advanced biodynamic farming methods.

Energised: Using a unique and sophisticated energising process, AEOS enhance each living element used in their products. Intuitively, ingredients will only activate for the ‘greater good’ of your skin and wellbeing, delivering their powers synergistically. AEOS products include spagyric essences of crystals and gems that are prepared over a 12 month period to transform the solid crystal to a liquid tincture, that is assimilable by the body.

Organic: To ensure the purest and most powerful formulas, AEOS grow most of their ingredients at their Demeter-certified biodynamic Shire Farm. Other ingredients are sourced globally from organic and biodynamic farms that cultivate in-line with their principles. Plants grown in this way are more resilient and potent, have more vitality and therefore a profoundly positive effect on the raw materials extracted from them. By creating skincare preparations in this way, AEOS observe their philosophy too – care for the soil, feed the skin, nourish the soul.

AEOS Holistic Regeneration Facial Ritual

(60 or 120 minutes)

‘We renew our bodies when we renew our minds’

This facial is for your inner peace and wellbeing. Gentle touch massage techniques combine with wonderful facial techniques and use of the beautiful AEOS products, this deeply soothing AEOS facial will rebalance your body and mind. A blissful and relaxing treatment.

The 120 minute facial builds in more time for the facial itself, with extra time spent on the gua sha and light touch techniques used within the facial. This facial can be adapted to your specific needs, and also includes hand and foot massage.

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