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Signature Cleanse Treatment


Cost: £95

Duration: 90 mins

Signature Cleanse Treatment

90 mins - £95

Detoxifying Full Body Treatment

Our Signature Cleanse Treatment is a 90 minute full body treatment, comprising massage, exfoliation and techniques to treat, refresh and relax your whole body.

This full body treatment comprises:

  • A grounding foot soak, purifying sage is known as the 'saviour herb' and has been used since medieval times to clear stagnant and negative energy…
  • A revitalising leg and foot tonic swept over the lower body.
  • Body brushing to kick start the circulation, lymphatic system and to slough off dead skin.
  • Gentle full body exfoliation using Detoxifying Bodhi & Birch scrub, Himalayan salt, our favourite body scrub and a true alchemy of ingredients: it help equalise the body's bioenergetic fields, stimulates cell regeneration, enhances lymphatic flow and induces a meditative sense of calm.
  • A full body massage using our signature Puri-T cleansing and relaxing massage oil. Organic Botanical scented muslin cloths will warm the body, refresh the skin and awaken the senses.
  • Finish with a cup of our Cleansing signature Puri-T herbal tea
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