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365 Days of Running

Invitation to join us for a community run/jog/walk on Saturday 2nd September at 8am

This is a first of its kind event from Therapy Organics to join Jackie in celebrating completion of a full year of running every single day! Well we hope it’s a full year as she's got a few runs to do yet…. Crazy we know but its been a personal goal and now we would like to celebrate and invite our wonderful customers and community to join us on the 365th run to complete the year. We would love it if you could join us… all abilities welcome for anyone who wants to run or walk!

When: from Therapy Organics

Start time: 8am on Saturday 2nd September

Route: through The Carrs park along to Styal Mill and back. Its around 3.5 miles and a map will be provided.

Details: all abilities welcome and encouraged!

As a thank you for participating, we’ve partnered with our local community businesses and suppliers to offer all runners:

If you do intend to join us for this hopefully lovely little community jog out, please reply by email so we have a rough idea of numbers.

Raising Money for The Trussell Trust

Not only are we doing this event to hopefully inspire and encourage others to exercise and spend time in nature, but we also wanted to give something back to the wider community by raising money for The Trussell Trust. A charity providing access to food banks across the UK.

Can't make our community event but still want to support? If you cant make the event there are other ways to support. Simply shop with us either online or in-store on the 2nd Sept and a charity donation of 5% of ALL sales on the day will be made to The Trussell Trust.

Alternatively, donations would also be very welcome to keep motivation up to finish off this challenge via a Just Giving page where any donation no matter how small would be greatly appreciated:

Why on earth is she doing this challenge? A note from Jackie…

Community is everything for optimal health and we have an exciting event coming up in which we would love our local and wider community to join us.

This note is quite a personal one and all started back in September last year for me when I decided to embark on a challenge to run everyday for 100 days. I knew that Autumn presents its emotional challenges for me and I knew I had to do something to support my health through this period. As a Nutritional Therapist, I understand the fuel that I needed to support my body through this time but the demands on time had left exercise down the list of priorities. I knew I needed to take some positive action for change!

Taking a little grounding camping break last September, I was enjoying some downtime with some beach and coastal path morning runs in sunny Wales. Running is my ‘thing’ and I know the benefit I feel from this… yes, I understand the science of what exercise does with the release of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Serotonin and correlation with a feel good factor… However, regardless of the science, for me, there is nothing better than a run by the sea. I knew I needed to do reprioritise exercise to optimise my health and support me through this time… So, having run for a few consecutive days whilst on my holiday, I decided to set myself a very personal challenge of running for 100 days. This didn’t have to be much… even a mile jog out with my dog would do but continuity was key to keep going and stay motivated!

Some runs were short ones… some longer… some with friends such as the Stockport 10 with the route including a pitstop at my parents… and the Wilmslow Festive 10K dressed as elves together with community. I wrote a daily dairy of how I felt.. the changing lights that I observed during the darker days as the year rolled on, beautiful reflections in the puddles as the weather changed and the rain came, the gratitude that I felt for my experiences of each day, sometimes the slog of the run feeling like I had never ran before yet other days the energy that I could just keep going. 10th December saw 100 days done (celebrations shown in the above wintery picture). It was close to Christmas and one of our busiest times (forever grateful to our amazing customers) so I decided to do a couple more weeks to keep my energy up through this period… a couple more weeks turned into a couple more months, turned into a change of goal to get to a full year of 365 days of running.

So here we are almost a year on and what a milestone it feels! I’m very proud of my achievement but I want my year of running to go out with a special one and be done together with you amazing and inspiring people. So here I am sharing this story with you but also wanting to invite my community to join me on my 365th run.

Good food, exercise and positive community are all critical elements to health. I thought we should combine all three and share this experience turning it from a personal goal to hopefully something much more meaningful by supporting a wonderful charity. I also hope that this inspires others not necessarily to do anything silly like this challenge but to set yourself goals to get back to the things that they love. If I can do it, anyone can!

So this is a personal invite for those of you local to Therapy Organics to join me on my 365th run which will be on Saturday 2nd September. We will start from our shop at 8am with a run/walk through through The Carrs, to Styal Mill and back again. All abilities welcome and I would love it for you to join me if you can.

Jackie x