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Therapy Loyal-T Scheme

We 'thank all customers for your custom' with the Therapy Loyal-T Scheme. Our simple and generous scheme automatically collects points on your shopping, for you to redeem when you need a treat! It's our way of saying thanks for shopping with us. And it's the most generous loyalty scheme we've seen!

Use your Loyal-T points to pay for goods, or against any of our treatments.

To Join:

You'll be automatically entered into the Therapy Loyal-T Scheme with your first purchase, (unless you'd rather not - please let us know). We only require your name and email address.

Collecting Points:

Points are automatically collected on all retail purchases (in the shop or on-line). Receive one point per each full pound spent.

Redeeming Points:

The generous Therapy Treats Card gives you back 5% of everything you spend! Examples:

100 points = £5

200 points = £10

500 points = £25

1000 points = £50

How Many Points Do I Have?

Your receipt will show your up to date points balance. Alternatively contact us and we'll let you know.