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"Neom, Neom, Neom"! That's all we say all day in our relaxing and beautiful boutique of Organic wellness, yet we don't get tired of it... This is the answer to what makes our little peace of heaven smell so beautiful. And as our customers walk in they always take a deep relaxing breath, shortly followed by the question, "what is that gorgeous smell?". You guessed it… Neom! True scents to make you feel good!

There's a distinct difference between synthetic fragrances and fragrances from the purest natural essential oils and once you have experienced the difference, you will not go back. From the classic Real Luxury to the sleepy-time Tranquility, there's a scent for everyone, for all occasions.

The gift sets make beautiful presents for that special someone who needs to look after themselves more and the smaller sized Travel Candles are the perfect gift to let someone know you are thinking about them. Gorgeous presents for gorgeous people (which most definitely includes you)!

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7xh Hu Ke A NEOM Organics

Calming Hand Balm NEOM Organics

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Choose Sleep Product Box 750x750 jpg NEOM Organics

Choose Sleep 2023 NEOM Organics

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