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Sun Warrior

When thinking of protein powders, if the image that springs to mind is huge containers stacked at a gym counter and being consumed in huge quantities by buff body builders in pursuit of physique perfection, well... think again!

Protein powders traditionally tend to come from animal source and be full of synthetic nutrients, preservatives, flavours and fillers, aimed either as meal replacements or to increase protein and caloric intake for muscle mass. Proteins are made up of the smaller building blocks called amino acids, some of which are essential and some of which can be manufactured in the body. We need a surprisingly high protein intake for healthy tissue renewal, good energy production, healthy hormone production and cellular communication. This is where protein powders have their place in our Western, carbohydrate and gluten heavy diets but the right protein powder is of critical importance!

Sun Warrior is an amazing clean raw vegetarian protein with a complete essential amino acid profile meaning that is very well absorbed by the body whilst avoiding any of the nasties associated with 'traditional' powders. Great to use in a variety of ways to increase protein intake. The versatile powders come in Natural, Chocolate, Berry or Vanilla (all natural flavours of course). Our favourite is the Vanilla Warrior Blend used in place of flour for morning banana and hazelnut pancakes, a winner for kids and adults alike!

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