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Magnesium Cream/Oil

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Discover our selection of magnesium creams and oils at Therapy Organics.

Explore options from top brands like NEOM, OSI, and Kiki Health. NEOM offers Magnesium Body Butter crafted to relax and nourish the body with a generous dose of magnesium, believed to be well absorbed through the skin. NEOM also offers luxurious Magnesium Bath Milks designed to enhance your bath time experience.

Kiki Health provides a convenient magnesium oil spray, perfect for direct application to the feet and legs to improve magnesium levels, and OSI offers unique blends focused on providing warmth and relief to sore joints and muscles.

Choose from our premium range to elevate your skincare routine with the benefits of magnesium. We prioritise sustainability, ethical sourcing, and the use of non-comedogenic, chemical free, and filler free ingredients. All our skincare is tried and tested, ensuring we provide the best in natural, clean, and advanced skincare in the industry.