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Discover our exquisite selection of body wash products including humble soaps crafted with essential oils, and unique options using goats milk and seaweed. Indulge in luxury body washes enriched with Spagyric Crystal & Gem Essences and organic, biodynamic plant extracts.
We also have some relaxing milks infused with magnesium, and zesty shower creams, perfect for both uplifting morning routines and soothing nighttime rituals.

Our selection includes renowned brands such as NEOM, Aeos, Caudalie, Speick, Mungo Murphy, and Green People. Our range is unisex, but for those seeking more masculine scents, we have a selection tailored to meet those preferences.

At Therapy Organics, we prioritise natural skincare, ensuring our body products are gentle on sensitive skin, using only clean ingredients. We are committed to sustainable, ethical sourcing, and the use of non-comedogenic, chemical-free, and filler-free products, whilst offering the most advanced skincare prodcucts in the industry.