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Ancient & Brave

When Hollywood stuntwoman turned naturopath, Annelie Whitfield, met media lawyer turned entrepreneur, Kate Prince a shared idea became a Brave way of living. A whole lot of turmeric lattes and brainstorms later - Ancient + Brave was born.

Annelie spent the last fifteen years treating patients and sharing her dedication to functional and herbal medicine. Five of these years were spent in Costa Rica discovering a back-to-nature barefoot existence in the jungle, studying indigenous medicine and starting a lifelong love affair with coffee and cacao.

Kate’s background as a commercial media lawyer drove a passion for creative business development. She discovered a flair for blending and formulating while launching Prince & Sons Tea and Made by Noble.

Kate and Annelie’s mutual love of wellness and natural therapies resulted in the creation of Ancient + Brave’s range of delicious, nutritionally rich and high-performance products. Their desire to enhance wellbeing, through a change in lifestyle and fasting strategies inspired the Brave Method.

Therapy Approved - Ancient & Brave Products


Col bod 20200217 101505 Ancient & Brave

Naked Collagyn for Body 250g

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Cacao and collagen 20190913 144944 Ancient & Brave

Cacao & Collagen (250g)

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Collagen coffee 20190913 142427 Ancient & Brave

Coffee & Collagen 250g

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TRUE MCT 500 ML 20190427 151835 Ancient & Brave

True MCT Oil (500ml)

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