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Sustainable Since The Start....

Being as eco-friendly as possible has always been at the heart of what we do here at Therapy Organics. From a deep respect of Mother Nature and the nutrients she provides to benefit health, through to the amazing herbs and plants we benefit from both internally for health and externally for our skin and wellbeing, we know nature provides us with much more than a medicine cabinet, but a whole system of healthy living. Our ethos of using the best in natural and organic wellness and beauty goes hand in hand with a deep concern for Mother Nature and the wonderful planet we're here to look after.

At Therapy Organics we pride ourselves on having the greater good at the heart of what we do. The products we pick are tried and tested, and only make it to the shelves if they perform. Most importantly, these products must also have the conscious credentials we strive for.

Whether this be organic, natural, eco, sustainable, vegan, fair traded, bio-dynamic, wild crafted .... or whether the company belong to organisations such as Natrue, Soil Association, One for the Planet... we look to work with those making a positive difference to the world we live in.

We aim to bring knowledge of health to the local community but we have always remained true to supporting the planet... here's a little insight into some of the things that go on behind the scenes here at Therapy Organics:

We know that we are not perfect but we like to think that we continually strive to improve and work with our brands to push their development and continually do better to minimise our environmental impact. We truly believe that nature holds the answer to our health and wellbeing but whilst harnessing this power, we must respect the earth and not damage the beauty that we have been given. Here are some good to know facts:

We always listen to feedback so if you have any other ideas about anything we can do to better serve the planet then we would love to hear them!