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Dr. Schulze

The original and classic superfood greens power blend. Dr Schulze was one of the pioneers of herbal nutrition in America. His principles evolved from his mission to heal a heart condition he was diagnosed with when just 16 years old. Nutrition has been his lifes work, with his focus on health and quality of ingredients. His signature product, Dr Schulze superfood blend, has been in existence since 1979, long before many of the more recent superfood blends (many of which are driven by marketeers rather than clinical experience).

Quality and potency is the driving force behind Dr Schulze range of products. He states 'We now live in an era of fast and instant everything—from cell phones, computers, text messaging and even Twitter and Instagram. Instant may be good for communication, but not for food, and not for herbal formulas. Today, I still use the same time-consuming methods used and passed down from generation to generation by the greatest herbal pharmacists of the last century, which have been long abandoned by other manufacturers. Our minimum brewing time is 14 days, with some brewing taking as long as two to three months. Each tonic is blended and stirred every single day, before it is eventually pressed under 40 tons of pressure. This is the same way the best wine, olive oil and even herbal medicine have been made for thousands of years.'

For over 3 decades Dr Schulze formulas have been refined and tried and tested in his own clinic. The formulas are potent, containing significantly more herbal ingredient than many others, and we can confidently say we're proud to stock and recommend these superfoods and herbs.

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