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To earn 'Therapy Approved' status, the products we recommend, sell and use in our clinic are products are must not only meet our standards, but must also stand out from the crowd. As an independent business (and being picky customers ourselves) we've the luxury of hand-picking the products we stock. We:

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Natural: We only put in and on the body ingredients available from nature. This means our wellness, beauty and lifestyle products contain only natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients. See Natural Wellness, Natural Beauty and Natural Lifestyle for more details about ingredients.

Advanced: All of our products must pass our strict 'Therapy Approval' to be consistent with our standards on purity, quality and ethics. Each of the brands we select stands out above the competition in it's own way (let our brand pages tell you why…). The natural wellness and beauty industry has seen recent developments that has transformed the offering from relatively simple products to advanced combination formulas and preparations.

Scientific: Our products combine the latest scientific developments with nature. We are committed to researching and contributing to ongoing scientific developments within our industry. Our ingredients pages explain more about the power of nature.

Synergistic: We respect the synergy that exists within nature, and translate this into natural wellness, beauty & lifestyle. This means that a combination of ingredients equals more than the sum of their parts (1+1 = 4) and ensuring the correct ingredients are present for maximum absorption or utilization by the body is something we consider carefully. This synergy is delivered in the products we sell and the also through the Complementary Therapies and Wellness Plans we offer.


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