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A Vogel is one of the oldest Herbal Medicine companies, with strong traditions upheld in this modern day herbal company. They offer some of the best herbal tinctures and supplements and items for a healthy lifestyle. The range features the best selling menoforce sage tablets and menosan tincture as well as the seasonal echinaforce, echinacea drops. Started by Alfred Vogel, Alfred was fascinated by nature and herbs. Taught by his father and grandmother he soon acquired a deep respect for the wonders of the natural world. His research led him to spend time amongst indigenous people and to investigate how and why the modern day diseases of civilisation were absent from primitive peoples lives.

This led him to study diet, lifestyle and the remedies these people used. Alfred Vogel led a healthy life and was a skiier until well into his 90s. He died at the age of 94.

The company A.Vogel take science seriously and stand out amongst herbal companies. They have always adopted organic standards and adhere to the stringent standards set out by the Union of Swiss Biological Agricultural Organisations, the Swiss equivalent of the Soil Association. They never test on animals. Vogel said 'I esteem life as sacred'. They believe in a very holistic approach and that everything in the herb should be left as nature designed it, thus choosing to work with the whole plant as much as possible. They also work to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice).

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Delve into our selection of A Vogel products at Therapy Organics.

As one of the oldest herbal medicine companies, A Vogel offers a range of premium herbal tinctures and supplements.

Their extensive product line includes Bronchosan Pine Cough Syrup, Echinacea cream and tinctures, Immune Support capsules, Luffa drops for seasonal allergies, Uva-ursi drops for urinary support, hyaluronic acid-containing eye drops, sprouting seeds, and more.

A Vogel's commitment to organic, cruelty-free practices, and eco-friendly products makes them a trusted name in herbal remedies.

From hormonal balance to digestive health, A Vogel provides solutions for a diverse range of wellness needs. For those seeking natural and effective herbal remedies, A Vogel stands out as one of the best brands in the industry.