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Improve your mood with nutritional supplements and advice to optimise the production of serotonin, lift spirit and improve the general sense of wellbeing. From gut health to intake of amino acids such as tryptophan, find the right vitamins for you.

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Extra-C 950mg Viridian

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L-Tryptophan Viridian

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Explore our range of supplements formulated to enhance and support mood.

Within our collection, we offer essential vitamins and minerals known to play a crucial role in maintaining good mood, including vitamin D, CoQ10, the purest omega 3, and B vitamins. These nutrients are carefully selected to support overall mental wellbeing

For targeted mood support, we provide specialist supplements that focus on serotonin enhancement, such as 5HTP. Additionally, our range includes beneficial botanicals like ashwagandha, saffron, passion flower, l-theanine, and lemon balm, all known for their mood balancing properties.

Formulated with a focus on maximum absorption and utilisation, our products are ethically sourced and made with only natural, clean ingredients, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals and fillers.