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The range of EPA and DHA omega 3 rich fish oil supplements is small but beautifully formed with the classic capsule based supplements of the Life and Soul Maxi caps or for those who struggle with larger size capsules, we have the Mini caps and the clinical strength Liquid options. The Mums and Bumps is the perfect pregnancy supplement with higher levels of DHA, which is actually the same formula as the Mindful caps.

Bare Biology are one of our favourite manufacturers of highest quality omega oil supplements and Skinful marine collagen powders. They stand out from the crowd in every way we want our fish oils to, as we are very picky about our omegas. Bare Biology products are all sustainably sourced, contain high levels of omegas, and have exceptionally clean manufacturing processes. 5 star rated by IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) which means these products are the most active and pure, with the lowest levels of contaminants and oxidation. Call us geeky but this really matters!

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Discover the best in sustainably sourced fish oil products with Bare Biology.

Prioritising purity, Bare Biology creates fish oil supplements rich in EPA and DHA without unnecessary additives or fillers.
The omega-3 oils are sourced from certified Norwegian fisheries, ensuring sustainability, high potency, and the use of small wild fish to minimise contaminants, avoiding farmed varieties.

Awarded a 5-star rating by IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards), Bare Biology products are recognised for their exceptional purity, with the lowest levels of contaminants and oxidation.

Bare Biology offers fish oils with clinical potency, delivering maximum therapeutic benefits. The product range includes capsules and mini caps, catering to those who prefer a smaller size.
In addition to Omega-3 supplements, Bare Biology provides vegan-friendly Omega-3 oil, suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets.

The collection also features marine collagen, supporting the health of hair, skin, bones, and nails, and blends incorporating the essential vitamin D, all responsibly sourced from fisheries and algae suppliers.