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PP 4071 Keto Collagen 220g Front Planet Paleo

Keto Collagen Powder Planet Paleo

- £42.99
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PP 4001 Pure Collagen 225g Front Planet Paleo

Pure Collagen Planet Paleo

- £40.99
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2008 UK Life Drink 227g wiz Terranova

Life Drink Terranova

- £58.97
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PP 5001 Marine Collagen 225g Front Planet Paleo

Marine Collagen Powder Planet Paleo

- £55.99
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Explore our premium range of functional drinks at Therapy Organics.

We offer the best in functional drinks on the market, from experts such as Planet Paleo, Dr. Schulze, Viridian, Ancient & Brave, The Beauty Chef, Hifas da Terra, and more.

Our selection includes options using the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, with a wide range of intensely nutritious green drinks, 100% pure, organic, and grass-fed collagen products blended with other therapeutic ingredients to provide numerous benefits.

Additionally, we offer fermented gold elixirs to support skin, hair, nails, and gut health, as well as a full range of medicinal mushrooms designed for optimal health, vitality, and immunity.

We have the best selection on the market for functional drinks, with options designed to support every need, from joints to cognitive function.

All our products contain the highest quality ingredients, which are completely free from chemicals and fillers, designed for ease of use, and optimal absorption.