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Therapy Bespoke Teas

Therapy bespoke blend teas are therapeutic loose leaf herbal teas, expertly designed by the Therapy sisters to stimulate the senses, uplift and take a moment to yourself. The philosophy of the tea comes from the very roots of our ethos... representing the T of Therapy, ethics, quality, luxury, bespoke, optimisation of health and wellbeing... but most importantly enjoyment!

Years in the making, Therapy was born over many of pot of herbal teas allowing our creative imaginations to flow, education to be absorbed and life changing decisions to be made. The importance of the T was born. In our teas, we hope to capture these moments and provide therapeutic blends to match each... From our Sereni-T for a moment of pure relaxation to our Vitali-T for an uplift which allows focus yet calm.

As our wise and lovely father has passed to his daughters, if you see a teapot... smile! Makes for many a happy moment at Therapy.

Therapy Approved - Therapy Bespoke Teas Products


Puri T pack 20150829 131301 Therapy Bespoke Teas

Puri-T Herbal Tea (50g)

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Immuni T Pack 3 20150829 130105 Therapy Bespoke Teas

Immuni-T Herbal Tea (50g)

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Digestivi T Pack 2 20150829 125051 Therapy Bespoke Teas

Digestivit-T Herbal Tea (50g)

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Beau t Packet 20150829 111810 Therapy Bespoke Teas

Beau-T Herbal Tea (50g)

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Vitali T pack 20150829 140208 Therapy Bespoke Teas

Vitali-T Herbal Tea (50g)

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Sereni T pack 20150829 134930 Therapy Bespoke Teas

Sereni-T Herbal Tea (50g)

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