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Tk bunny main Jack 'n' Jill

Toothkeeper Jack 'n' Jill

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Explore our range of teething products for babies and children at Therapy Organics.

Discover a variety of options, including a wide range of flavoured toothpaste such as mandarin & aloe vera, blueberry, banana, and scent-free, both with and without fluoride.

We also have teething gel made with chamomile and calendula, chamomilla teething granules, musical electrical toothbrushes plus replacement heads, toothkeepers for the tooth fairy when the little teeth fall out, and even cute rinse cups.

We offer a full range of toothbrushes from 6 months old and above, with bristles made from castor oil and nylon, featuring ergonomic, compostable handles made from a range of corn starch and organic bamboo.

All our products are organic, and natural, with a full range to suit everyone's specific preferences. We prioritise the health of babies, children, and the planet, offering only the best, most natural, and safe options for your children.