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Wild Nutrition

Created by the inspirational Nutritional Therapist, Henrietta Norton, she represents a kindred spirit to our philosophy about what supplements should be. That is, targeted formulations that are in a way nature intended so 'mega dosing' is not required. Henrietta eloquently uses the analogy that 'supplement' nutrients are like envelopes being delivered by the postal services of the body. The difference with food state is that our bodies have evolved to know what to do with them so they have the address of the target tissue written on the envelope, as opposed to synthetic nutrients whose envelopes are blank and have to be sent out in huge volume to get a tiny amount to the desired location!' Couldn't have put it better ourselves!

We particularly love all their formulations especially their Total Cleanse Complex and their female hormone support such as the Premenstrual Complex and Menopause Complex.

Therapy Approved - Wild Nutrition Products


Mag jpg 20191101 161411 Wild Nutrition

Magnesium (60 caps)

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WNTH GL08 Thyroid Connect L 20170809 163457 Wild Nutrition

Thyroid Connect (60 caps)

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Hyaluronic acid Wild Nutrition

Hyaluronic Acid (30 caps)

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Wnzp gl06 gl food grown zinc plus 1 20170808 161351 Wild Nutrition

Zinc Plus (30 caps)

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WNIP GL06 Iron Plus S 20160709 143045 Wild Nutrition

Iron Plus (30 caps)

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WN12 GL07 Vitamin B12 S 20160709 143620 Wild Nutrition

Vitamin B12 Plus (30 caps)

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WNIO GL07 Iodine S 20160709 150048 Wild Nutrition

Iodine (30 caps)

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WN Jar Visual GL Wild Traveller 20151104 145653 Wild Nutrition

Wild Traveller (32 caps)

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