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Olverum Bath Oil Olverum

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Epsom Salts Therapy Bath Salts

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Indulge in our premium, organic bath soaks and salts at Therapy Organics.

We offer bath soaks and salts enriched with magnesium for relaxation, seaweed and clay for detoxification, and unique formulations incorporating Shungite crystal powder to neutralize electromagnetic energy build-up.
Some products include grounding sage to support hormones and overall well-being, while others boast highly concentrated oils formulated by aromatherapists, utilising pure, organic oils, ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Whether you want to soothe sore, achy joints, enhance a perfect night's sleep, or uplift your morning shower/bath routine, we have the perfect product for you.

Discover options from renowned brands such as NEOM, de Mamiel, OSI, Bathing Beauty, Dr. Hauschka, Moa, and many more.

At Therapy Organics, we prioritise sustainability, ethical sourcing, and the use of non-comedogenic, chemical free, and filler free ingredients. All our skincare is tried and tested, ensuring we provide the best in natural, clean, and advanced skincare in the industry.