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2008 UK Life Drink 227g wiz Terranova

Life Drink Terranova

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Living Multivitamin SPORT Terranova

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Mico Pne caja lado 3 510x510 Hifas da Terra

Mico Pne Hifas da Terra

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Mico Mama caja lado 2 510x510 20190425 154904 Hifas da Terra

Mico Mama Hifas da Terra

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Mico Onco C 1 768x768 1 Hifas da Terra

Mico Onco 2.0 Hifas da Terra

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Mico Men caja lado 2 510x510 20191211 224251 Hifas da Terra

Mico Men Hifas da Terra

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Discover our Reishi supplements at Therapy Organics, featuring advanced options from renowned brands like Myconutri and Hifas da Terra.

We provide isolated Reishi in capsules and powders, including the versatile Reishi Antioxidant Mushroom Superfood. Reishi can also be found in superior formulations like Dr GB Gut & Brain.

We offer 100% pure extract of organic Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) in a remarkable 15:1 ratio, and also a combination of hot-water extracts and ethanolic extracts delivering elevated levels of both polysaccharides and triterpenes.

Known as the "immortality fungus," our Reishi is ethically sourced, crafted with natural, clean ingredients, and consistently free from chemicals and fillers.

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