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Honore Des Pres

Made with pure extracts from nature, this perfume range is magical! For years of having not worn perfumes due to their extensive range of chemical ingredients, to have found a natural one that we love is simply amazing. Each perfume within the range seems to be completely unique and evolves to the person after a few moments of wear, meaning that there is a scent for all!

Perfume is such a personal and unique statement which rouses emotional connections and memories. With the scents, we both have our personal favourites that transport us right back to our own happy memories and we always make sure to have a little spritz on those special days where more happy memories are made!

The Therapy award winning scent of the range is the Eau de Parfum, Vamp a NY. Inspired by Honorés trip to New York, the heady notes of tuberose absolut blend with three special base balms. A clean, unforgettable scent all encapsulated in a quirky coffee cup carrier in homage to the great city of New York. The eau de toilettes of the range are all delivered within 'verrines' to capture the imagination of the special ingredients being preserved within glass. Fragrances as unique as you are!

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