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Nutrition support,supplement advice and protocols for bloating, discomfort, lymphatic clearance and drainage. Optimise your natural detoxification processes with vitamin, minerals and herbal supplements to support healthy flow and reduce puffiness.

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3364 UK MILK THISTLE 500mg 50 wiz Terranova

Milk Thistle 500mg Terranova

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Explore our specialised range of supplements designed to support the optimal function of your lymphatic system, promoting efficient clearance and drainage processes.

Our collection includes potent powders that facilitate natural detoxification like chlorella, spirulina, and purple dulse seaweed. Additionally, we offer expert choices such as cleavers, renowned for its ability to reduce water retention and swelling.

For digestive support, we provide the best and most advanced probiotics to promote gut health, as well as liver supportive supplements containing milk thistle, dandelion, and artichoke that aid in clearance and drainage processes, supporting the liver's role in detoxification.

We also offer world renowned medicinal mushrooms like polyporus and tools such as skin brushes designed to encourage lymphatic flow, enhancing the body's natural detoxification mechanisms.

Formulated for maximum absorption and utilisation, our products are ethically sourced and made with only natural, clean ingredients, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals and fillers.