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Scalp Issues

Treat the scalp with our range of natural and organic haircare options for both topical creams, supplements, vitamins and herbs. Treatments available for conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, itchy flaky scalp, alopecia, hair loss or thinning.

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Discover our comprehensive range of expertly formulated products designed to address various scalp issues, from itchiness and dryness to oiliness.

Our range includes soothing shampoos infused with antibacterial tea tree oil to alleviate itchiness, purifying serums enriched with spearmint and meadowsweet to regulate oil production, and calming shampoos with aloe vera and olive leaf extracts to soothe irritated scalps.

Additionally, we offer nourishing hair tonics, revitalising oils, and exfoliating scrubs to effectively lift dead skin cells and promote scalp health.

Sourced sustainably and free from harmful chemicals and fillers, reflecting our commitment to quality and ethical practices.