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Plant Based Omegas

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Organic Black Seed Oil 200ml LS Tube Bott0520 960x crop center Viridian

Black Seed Oil - Organic Viridian

- £55.45
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Organic Hemp Seed Oil 200ml LS Tu0510 960x crop center jpg Viridian

Hemp Seed Oil - Organic Viridian

- £24.20
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2008 UK Life Drink 227g wiz Terranova

Life Drink Terranova

- £58.97
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Keto C8 MCT Oil Planet Paleo

Keto C8 MCT Oil Planet Paleo

- £45.50
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Discover our Plant Based Omega supplements at Therapy Organics, formulated with a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Explore options like Flaxseed oil, naturally high in lignans, and Black Seed Oil, made from organic Egyptian black cumin seeds, both from Viridian. Additionally, Viridian offer a Vegan EPA & DHA dervied from algae.

For a different approach, consider Ancient & Brave True MCT Oil which is derived from coconuts and is commonly used in hot beverages.

With our plant-based Omega supplements, we prioritise providing the highest quality, natural, clean supplements that are free from chemicals and fillers, promoting omega balance, and overall health, with an emphasis on plant based lifestyle.