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One of our favourite brands of fish oil is Eskimo, which comes up time and time again as clean and safe in independent purity research when compared again other brands. The range includes super strength omegas with the Eskimo Extra, right through to child friendly options such as the Little Cubs. We love the Brainsharp oil with the addition of the CoQ10 to keep the mind sharp and focused, available both in liquid oil formats and capsules too. Omega 3 essential fatty acids have a myriad of functions in the body and our Western diets tend to be lacking. These special essential fats help to keep every single cell in the body flexible and able to function. They also very importantly, convert to anti-inflammatory molecules within the body, which can be particularly beneficial in our pro-inflammatory world!

Our main food sources of omega-3 essential fats are things like oily fish and seeds so if your diet is short of these then fish oil may be helpful as a supplement.

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