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Introducing our 'Multi-Function Immune Formulation' Defence includes a Bespoke Bacteria Blend: 10 billion C.F.Us from 4 immune balancing strains, plus prebiotics.... Plus super nutrients vitamins D, C & Zinc. NAC for an antioxidant boost. Hero Herbs include elderberry, black cumin & olive Leaf. Reishi medicinal mushroom is included for adaptogenic, immune modulating and anti-inflammatory benefits. Functional foods include Quercetin to fight infection and inflammation, supported by propolis, one of nature’s greatest anti-microbials.

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Let us introduce ourselves...

Therapy Organics is a health and wellness boutique store and clinic in the heart of Cheshire. Born in 2013 as the dream of two sisters who are passionate about good health naturally. Our tiny acorn has now grown into a mighty team of people, all practitioners, who care deeply about our independent business and most importantly, provide the best possible service to all of our customers and community.

We specialise in the highest quality brands that are truly beneficial for health with the only purest of ingredients and ethics to match. Natural Wellness, Natural Beauty & Natural Lifestyle are at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on taking a scientific yet holistic approach to the wellness needs of every individual.

Our in house team of highly qualified Nutritional Therapy and Complementary Health practitioners have curated a selection of unique, hand-picked, organic, natural, beautiful and healthful products for a true Retail Therapy experience. This is topped off with a heavenly clinic and spa offering scientific wellness by our talented and experienced team in our Complementary Therapy space.

and take a browse, Kylie, Jackie & the Therapy Organics Team.

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Natural Wellness - Our Nutritional Therapy Clinic are experts in ...

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Nutrition is critical for optimal health. It is the fuel that we provide for our body to function. Consultations are available locally and nationally at either our clinic or by telephone/zoom.

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From Bowen Technique & Nutritional Therapy to Massage, Aromatherapy & Reflexology, our qualified expert therapists bring you a wide range of natural, holistic therapy treatments in our beautiful therapy rooms in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

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