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Its not often we take on new brands, we don't follow the crowd, instead we try and test products and only take on those we love, and whose growth is driven by the quality of the product over the marketing of the product.

So let's tell you all about AEOS.

AEOS (standing for Active, Energised, Organic Skincare) is a British brand, and is truly unique. We tried the brand over a number of months (the products last a long time) and fell in love… the products bring balance and hydration and a healthy natural glow to the skin, and the results come quickly….

AEOS is pure nature in a bottle. It is British, biodynamic, holistic and energetic. Most of the ingredients are grown on the biodynamic (Demeter certified) Shire Farm in Lincolnshire, where the plants are tended to and grown according the rhythms of the sun, moon and planetary cycles. You may wonder why, but being in tune with nature means that the plants are more healthy and potent. The plants themselves have energetic fields which are passed to us, and positively affect our own. Hence using the products is of course skincare, but with much more…


Shire Biodynamic Farm

Spelt Oil

AEOS focus on the quality of ingredients; which include spelt oil, an ancient grain which is so beneficial for the skin. Spelt oil encourages collagen production, is naturally rich in vitamin E, contains protein and so helps to prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles. It boasts excellent antioxidant, moisturising and regenerative properties. As a result it may be particularly beneficial for prematurely ageing, very dry skin or when the skin is subject to harsh environments or extreme changes in temperature.

Spelt oil has also been reported to help those with skin conditions such as eczema. The spelt oil is supercritically extracted to retain the beneficial properties of the oil. The finest essential oils and nutrients also feature in each ingredients list.


The water used in AEOS products is drawn from a ground source where natural artesian water flows. It has been well documented through the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, that "water has memory". In contrast to using water from the tap, naturally sourced water does not contain any negative memories of preceding substances like those found in tap water, but instead positive memories from nature.

After the water is drawn, it passes through vortex pipes (based on work of Viktor Schauberger) that help to elevate the energy of the water whilst eradicating bacteria, purifying the water and allowing the water to flow in spirals, as it does in rivers. The water is then filtered through a 3 stage process to remove any overabundance of metals naturally found in the earth. Following this process, the water continues into chambers with crystals which help in the stabilization and recording of information into the water. Crystals have developed over millions of years and carry energies which help to bring about wellbeing, tranquility, relaxation, calmness and many other properties. This positive information from the crystals is passed on to the water.

After being crystallised, the water flows through more vortex pipes into a tank where electrostatic induction (ESI) takes place. ESI water can be likened to water falling from a waterfall onto a granite slab from approximately 100 metres causing microscopic vibrations in the water. In relation to skincare, ESI treated water passes more easily through the semipermeable membrane of our skin.

The products are enhanced further by the use of crystals in the products. Alchemical methods are used to produce spagyric tinctures of the crystals. Over a period of approximately one year, the crystals are transformed from their solid state, to a liquid state. This allows the vibrational energies of the crystals to be included as ingredients in the products. The crystal tinctures are then blended and added to the products they are intended for. The use of crystals is an ancient healing practice, to balance our energetic body/the aura. This is similar to the principles of Reiki and facialists report feeling the energetic nature of the products when performing treatments on their clients, the products encourage the skin the positively glow, and bring emotional balance to the whole of us.

Pink or Blue?

Many of the products (cleansers, exfoliators, body moisturiser) have 2 versions, pink and blue. The only difference is the crystals added. Rather than matching products to skin type (eg the heavy moisturiser for dry skin etc) we match the products to either 1. The colour people are naturally drawn to (trust your instincts), or if you can't decide there's a brief description of the difference between the pink and blue products. It's fine to use them both and some people may use one in the morning and the other in the evening.

If this sounds slightly out of your comfort zone don't worry. The range is not about understanding the ingredients, but about the 3 stage process of using the products in sequence, to achieve maximum benefits. Products in the range fit into 3 stages, and the idea is to use at least one product from each stage. We can honestly say that using the products in the way they are intended is a joy and the skin feels comfortable and happy, glowing, radiant and possibly the best it will have been.

A must have is the tester kit which allows you to try every product in the range and see the difference the range can make. AEOS are quite insistent that if using the range you only use their products, as they are trying to balance the skin and combining with other (possibly less pure) products may inhibit this process. Just as important as what's in the bottle,is what is not in the bottle. There's nothing we wouldn't want to see according to our Therapy Approved standards, and furthermore there's absolutely no preservatives which is difficult for any, even natural brand to achieve.

Now Just the decision of whether to pick pink or blue.

Quick Crystal Overview - To Help You Choose Pink or Blue


Body: Helps to improve the complexion of skin and moisture retention. Particularly beneficial for blemishes, acne, eczema and skin irritations.
Mind: Helps to harmonise the nervous system, having a relaxing effect that is beneficial in times of stress, and helpful for promoting peaceful sleep.
Spirit: Related to the crown and third-eye chakra, amethyst promotes inspiration and intuition.

Chalcedony (blue)

Body: Has a moisturizing effect on the skin that helps with regenerating dehydrated, congested and aging skin conditions.
Mind: encourages communication and self-expression.
Spirit: Related to the throat chakra, blue chalcedony is calming and peace-making.


Body: Helps to rejuvenate the skin.
Mind: has a balancing effect on hormones, helping to balance emotions.
Spirit: Related to the heart chakra, emerald is considered the cornerstone of divine inspirations.


Body: supports the formation of red blood cells, promoting vitality.
Mind: supportive in challenging situations, increasing optimism.
Spirit: activates the body, mind and soul, strengthening the will to live.

Rose Quartz

Body: Helps to cleanse the skin and blood, and reduce inflammation
Mind: Particularly beneficial for helping to promote self-love.
Spirit: Beneficial to the heart chakra, rose quartz supports our ability to love.


Body: Helps to activate water balance, particularly beneficial for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.
Mind: Energising, turquoise helps to balance mood swings, and strengthen self confidence and self-expression.
Spirit: helps to improve intuition and creativity.


Body: Particularly beneficial for the skin, with a cleansing and detoxifying effect.
Mind: Helps to promote clear perception, understanding and self-awareness.
Spirit: embodies clarity, purity and health.

To view the full AEOS range click here

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Kylie Williams is a Co-Director of Therapy Organics, and also a Bowen Technique Therapist. She is passionate about natural medicine to optimise health.

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