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Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Nutritional Therapy Consultation - During The Consultation

On booking in for a consultation with one of our team of experts, you will be asked to complete a health history questionnaire and a food diary to have available for your first session with your therapist. This initial consultation is for 75 minutes to offer a full investigation, understand your goals and offer complete guidance on any recommendations made.

During the first consultation, your Nutritional Therapist will have an open and honest conversation around your health history as well as your current goals and ask questions to understand your individual requirements. A health timeline is usually drawn up to help to identify points of change and significant events in life that lead up to the present needs and goals. We then go through your health questionnaire to reinforce our understanding of your needs and continue to draw up the complete picture that makes you unique. We analyse your food diary to understand and assess nutrient gaps that could easily be addressed in order to help you meet your aims and understand any specific symptoms that you may be experiencing.

The final part of the consultation is devising the co-created wellness plan. Co-created as this is an agreement between the client and the practitioner. Whilst the practitioner will coach the client towards positive change with supportive recommendations, it is also important to understand any barriers that would prevent implementation of specific recommendations. There can be multiple ways to achieve health goals and often simple changes can trigger life changing results. Following the consultation, the practitioner will email the client with all notes from the consultation with a clear and easy to follow plan.

Follow up consultations are often recommended to maintain progress and build on the original foundation plan. This not only helps to keep motivated but also allows the practitioner to further tailor recommendations to the needs of the client. We see what has worked for the client, what improvements they have seen and we can continue them on their journey to optimal wellness.

Initial Consultation - 75 mins £165

• Intake Consultation Form & Food Diary • 75 min Nutritional Therapy Consultation • Analysis of symptoms • Education about dietary and lifestyle habits in relation to symptoms • Bespoke wellness plan tailored to your needs/symptoms/goals • Personalised supplement programme • Discussion of testing recommendations • Practitioner support

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Follow Up Consultation - 45 mins £95

• 45 min Nutritional Therapy Consultation • Review of progress from previous consultation • Discussion of changes achieved and next stages • Interpretation of any test results undertaken • Further recommendations and education • Optimal health education • Bespoke wellness plan tailored to your ongoing needs/symptoms/goals • Personalised supplement programme • Practitioner support

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What Is Nutritional Therapy & Functional Medicine

Nutrition is critical for optimal health. It is the fuel that we provide for our body to function.

Nutrition is the study of nutrients within foods and how these are absorbed and assimilated within the body. Nutritional Therapy is the complex study of nutrients, and applying this to the health needs and goals of an individual to optimise nourishment and improve health.

Nutrients are classified into three main components including macronutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates, micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients which are the tiny plant based compounds that play a key role in our health and wellbeing. The study of nutrition is more than just these nutrients but also how they are activated by processes including cooking and fermentation. Factors such as varying individual requirement for nutrients, absorption, assimilation, genetics and the microbiome all play a key role in how we take these nutrients to use as our fuel. Nutrition is greatly influenced by other factors too with some nutrients not just coming from our food but from internal sources such as bacterial manufacture within our microbiome and external sources such as our sunlight exposure.

Our team of Nutritional Therapists are all passionate about food and the study of Nutrition and use this knowledge to support, coach and educate clients towards achieving their health goals. Nutritional Therapy provides guidance with an understanding of the individuals unique health history, taking into account likes, dislikes and lifestyle to build a co-created and achievable wellness plan. Sometimes this can be working with small yet powerful dietary modifications which have the potential to make the most difference to the health and wellbeing of the client. It is often about inclusions to the diet and using foods as medicine, as opposed to huge change and exclusions. Our team of Nutritional Therapists are trained to educate and empower their clients so rather than us telling you what to do, we explain our knowledge and provide specific guidance and support for any recommendations that we are offering.

We also work with some key neutraceuticals, functional foods and dietary supplements but these are considered supplemental to diet to bridge any gaps in a ‘foods first’ approach. Any recommendations here are all in keeping with the standards set by the ‘Therapy Approved’ guidelines where every ingredient is analysed to ensure the highest quality of ingredients, best form of nutrients for optimal health and good manufacturing practices without the use of synthetic fillers.

All of our therapists are also fully trained in extensive functional medicine testing. This is not always used as a first line option but provides the opportunity for having valuable and detailed information about various elements relating to nutrient status and health. We offer a full range of tests and have access to the worlds leading laboratories in each area including nutrient status testing, full blood work analysis, allergy testing, genetic testing, microbiome analysis and hormone testing to name a few of the most frequently investigated areas. Any testing recommendations are fully explained and tailored to the individuals needs and a full analysis and interpretation is provided upon completion of tests and factored into the wellness plan for the client.


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