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"Nature has her wisdom" and this wisdom is shared with the wonderful products created by Wilder Botanicals. From bath salts, to body oils, to beautiful teas, all products are 100% natural from nutrient rich organic soils and careful wildcrafting. The gorgeous names of the products are beautiful too such as Heartfelt Tea and Healing Spirit Soak, enough to lure you into a moment of pause. There are no synthetics, fillers, artificial ingredients or preservatives, just as we like here at Therapy Organics.

The products are more than their incredible ingredients. Each is designed to be truly beneficial for a specific purpose. Each has the ability to transform both physical and emotional states of being, towards a healthier and happier you. Take a moment out to enjoy a tea, a truly beautiful bath soak, and gorgeously scented body oils. This is self care as it should be.

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