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Ethical vitamins with an organic heart! There truly is something for everyone for every health condition in the Viridian range, from probiotics, to herbs, to multis, to singles, to oils... the list goes on.

We love the range as they contain absolutely no nasties but we hope that you already assumed that, to be stocked by our good shelves. So the fillers or bases of these products (where required) are foods such as bilberry or alfalfa, some of the great things that you know you should eat, but probably don't. This avoids using the usual cheap and nasty fillers that a lot of other companies use.

Everyone feels great on Viridian, both by buying ethical and the results too! Never have we experienced such commitment to a supplement brand, people try it, they see results and don't want to chance using anything else! Their Clear Skin Complex and Clear Skin Oil used in combination never fail to please those with problematic skin conditions, the formulations are expertly designed and include everything you would want to see in a skin health supplement.

Our favourite must have product for every household is the Raw Coconut Oil that we always recommend if cooking at a high temperature. And if you run out of your moisturiser, just pop down to your kitchen cupboard and bingo! Bring your bottles back for recycling and receive 25p off your next purchase.

Therapy Approved - Viridian Products


0505 Viridian

Flax Seed Oil - Golden, Organic

- £22.30
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Vitamin D3 2000 Viridian

Vitamin D3 2000IU - Vegan

- £34.25
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0303 Viridian

High Potency Magnesium 300mg

- £19.60
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0247 Viridian

High Six B-Complex - Vitamin B6

- £19.70
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0235 Viridian

High Two B-Complex

- £22.15
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0500 Viridian

Ultimate Beauty Oil - Organic

- £24.75
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218 Viridian

Extra-C 950mg

- £36.30
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0119 Viridian

Essential Vegan Multi

- £41.50
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0328 Viridian

High Potency Magnesium with B6

- £22.45
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0228 Viridian

Co-Enzyme B Complex

- £33.30
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Curcumin 20180905 092025 Viridian

High Potency Curcumin Complex

- £22.20
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