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Sports Nutrtition

Exercise goes hand in hand with nutrition. Professional athletes always have a team of people looking after how they fuel their bodies for optimum performance and we encourage you to get your entourage for optimal health.

From the top sports people right through to your couch to 5K, no matter what your level, we’re here to support you. As always, this is a bespoke service to not only optimise performance but to enhance your long term health and protect from sports injuries. There are no two individuals the same and there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ dietary plan.

For those looking to get into exercise for the first time, we support and motivate you with a clear way to do this. This may be with support of a personal trainer in the gym or it may just be that you want to find your own way with gentle outdoor exercise. There are many factors to consider from a weight management perspective as often people overlook the pressures that both excess weight and weight loss has on the system. Our clever adipose tissue, or fat tissue, is designed to store toxins away from the major organs to protect our system. As we start to lose weight, our bodies have to be in good health with the relevant liver focus to be able to metabolise and eliminate these toxins. Combining exercise and nutrition in the right way with the right support, can lead to positive long term and healthy change.

For those undertaking specific challenges such as specific distance runs or triathalons, we create a nutrition plan to support your training plan. These can designed to support endurance, taking into account how we use nutrition to optimise a more sustained blood sugar release for efficiency so you can last the distance and get the most from your experience. We move away from the need for sports gels and energy drinks to use food and teach you to tap into your own personal ability to create that energy reserve to keep you going.

For those in professional sporting careers, the clear goal is to optimise performance which may vary greatly depending on the sport. It may be that a number of priorities are the focus here such as improving reaction times, mental focus, endurance or specific physique goals. Despite sports performance being the main focus, we also take into account your long term health. This may be a specific and more targeted approach such as protection for the joints and incorporating ways to support mental health too. For all clients in this arena, we also take into account legalities when it comes to any supplements in this area to ensure full WADA adherence.

During a Nutritional Therapy consultation, we work using a Functional Medicine Framework to look at all aspects of optimising sports performance. This is unique to each and every person that we work with. We then provide clear advice on specific scientific nutritional interventions and co-create a workable plan to achieve results.

We may also look at Functional testing here, such as the Nutrient Evaluation Test which is an in depth look at the cycles of energy metabolism and the analytes that may inhibit optimal production. We may also look at specific single nutrients relating to energy such as iron, specific B vitamins and magnesium.

There is no one size fits all approach and we help to educate and create a workable plan with the simplest of interventions to make the most positive impact on your health.

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