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Skär Organics

We have been in search of a very special Candle range to add to our collection for some time. It had to align with our ethics of being the most natural and organic we could find, whilst being beautiful and beneficial at the time.

Skär Organics are the UKs (and possibly the worlds) first truly organic candles. Candles have a direct effect on the air we breathe, and we believe that lighting a candle and taking a moment to ourselves should enhance our health and home.

At last we’ve found this with Skär Organics.

It is believed that beeswax has the ability to increase the negative ions in the air. Think of those places you instantly feel better… by the beach with the crashing waves, or taking a stroll by rivers and waterfalls. These places naturally have higher levels of ions in the air. By burning Skär Organics candles you can experience the benefits without having to leave home.

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