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What is Anthyllis and why is it in skincare products?

Anthyllis has been a central ingredient in Dr. Hauschka's products since 1967 due to its many skin care benefits.

What are the benefits of Anthyllis for skin?

Celebrated for its amazing ability to strengthen and heal, this incredible ingredient shares a striking resemblance to the plant's natural properties. Packed with revitalising saponins and antioxidant-rich flavonoids, it works wonders in invigorating and restoring the skin[i].

What sets this ingredient apart is its impressive concentration of saponins, which are known for their ability to boost cell regeneration and promote skin renewal. These powerful compounds team up to help revitalize the skin, encouraging a fresh, youthful look that's full of life.

This ingredient also boasts a generous dose of flavonoids, which are like superheroes with their antioxidant powers. These natural warriors step in to combat harmful free radicals, those pesky troublemakers that can speed up ageing and wreak havoc on the skin. In so doing, this ingredient helps keep the skin safe and sound, preserving its natural radiance and vibrancy.[ii]

It works its magic to strengthen and empower the skin, so it can better handle whatever challenges come its way. With its support, the skin can maintain its resilience, keeping it healthy and glowing.

In a nutshell, this extraordinary ingredient, with its enriching saponins and antioxidant-packed flavonoids, is a true skincare ally. It breathes life into your skin, infusing it with strength and vitality, while restoring harmony and balance.

Incorporating this botanical gem into your routine elevates your skincare experience, helping your skin embrace its innate beauty with a renewed sense of confidence.

Biodynamic farming practices

Organic anthyllis in Dr. Hauschka's products, grows on the fields of their Demeter farm in Eckwälden, Germany, where it is manufactured by hand until the end product. To ensure the highest ingredient quality, they cultivate the anthyllis in biodynamic fields prior to hand-harvesting. This product is then processed in the on-site laboratories and made into various wonderful formulations.

Environmental benefits

The emphasis on local processes, known by the integration of short production steps and delivery routes, brings many advantages for both the planet and the impeccable quality of Dr. Hauschka's esteemed products. By adhering to this approach, they not only contribute to the overall well-being of the environment but also guarantee that our offerings meet the highest standards of excellence.

Additionally, local processes foster stronger relationships with suppliers and partners within the community. By sourcing materials locally, we support local businesses and contribute to the growth and development of the regional economy. This collaborative approach creates a network of trust, transparency, and shared values, which further enhances the overall quality and integrity of our products[iii].

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