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Wonders of Baobab: Remarkable Health Benefits of Africa's Tree of Life

We cover the exceptional benefits of Baobab that range from its rich vitamin C content to its fibre-rich nature and diverse array of nutrients.

What is baobab?

The Baobab tree is also known as Africa’s ‘Tree of Life’, producing a superfruit praised for its health benefits. Interestingly, the baobab fruit dries whilst still on the tree, naturally de-hydrating itself and allowing us to access it close to its natural form.

What are the benefits associated with baobab?

Vitamin C content

The baobab fruit is a super-rich source of vitamin C, with a tablespoon serving providing approximately half of the recommended daily intake. Along with its natural anti-oxidant properties, baobab is an ideal nutrient for those looking to boost their immune system.

Vitamin C is also crucial for the absorption of non-heam, or plant based iron sources. Baobab contains both iron and vitamin C, making it a useful tool to increase iron intake, especially for those following a plant based diet.


Baobab contains a mixture of soluble and insoluble fibre meaning it works as a prebiotic (the food of probiotics) helping to support a healthy gut. Fibre also supports blood glucose levels as well as helping towards improving blood cholesterol levels.


Research has found other parts of the tree to also be packed with useful nutrients including mineral rich root tubers. Ongoing research will hopefully identify other exciting potential benefits of this ancient ‘tree of life’.

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