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Black Walnut

Juglans Nigra

Black walnut is an extract used in traditional herbal medicine. The food source itself also contains nutritional benefits such as unsaturated fats and contain more protein and a different antioxidant profile to the English variety counterparts. Compounds contained, such as quercetin, exhibit an antibacterial action. Black walnuts are often described as more earthy, dark, and bold than the more common English variety. They are usually grown wild and have a shell that is harder to crack. Their nutritional content is higher compared to other walnut varieties with 3.12mg of iron per 100g. The magnesium content is also high at 201mg per 100g.

Intestinal Parasites:

One of the most popular uses for black walnut is to promote the clearance of intestinal worms and parasites and fungal infections of the gut such as candida. Other conditions black walnuts may be of benefit include:


Black walnut is said to be effective at lowering appetite, increasing satiety and reducing lipid peroxidation (the production of damaged fats), when used as a replacement for dairy-based butter.

High blood pressure:

The high alpha linolenic acid content inhibits clotting and inflammation driving disease and which raises the risk of further cardiovascular disease development.

High cholesterol:

Black walnut also contains considerably high levels of non-cholesterol sterols known as plant sterols or phytosterols, which counteract cholesterol absorption in the gut and lead to a lower uptake of cholesterol into the bloodstream.

Recommended For

Cholesterol , Hypertension , Blood Sugar Balance , Parasitic Infection

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