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Polyporus umbellatus

What is Polyporus mushroom?

With white fibrous flesh Polyporus is an edible fungus also known as Polyporus umbellatus. It is not a very appreciated food although as been used for over 1,000 years in chinese medicine. In fact Polyporus is said to have been found among the belongings of The famous Otzi, the iceman found mummified on an Austrian glacier.

Four powerful health benefits of polyporus

Fluid retention

Unique compounds in Polyporus make it an excellent natural diuretic. As it stimulates circulation it is the go to mushroom for lymphatic drainage.

Respiratory problems

Therapeutic properties of polyporus help improve respiratory function and conditions affecting the lungs. Polyporus is the mushroom to help you breathe well!

Kidney Stones

Polyporus has agents that support kidney problems, particularly helpful in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

Urinary infections

Compounds found in polyporus help prevent urinary infections.

Some nutrients featured in polyporus

Beta-glucans, supports the immune system which prevents infections.

Proteoglycans, a protein structure thats helps build connective tissue.

Triterpenes, a compound with many functions in the body.

Rich in minerals Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Manganese and Zinc.

High in B vitamins.

High in Ergosterol, the precursor of vitamin D.

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