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Turkey Tail

Corolius versicolor

What is Turkey Tail Mushroom?

With a kind of woody and velvety body the Turkey Tail mushroom has characteristic colors that resemble the tail of the peacock, hence its name, also Known as Coriolus Versicolor. This mushroom usually grows naturally in different areas and climates although its use is limited mainly to the medicinal field and is probably one of the most studied mushrooms.

Three powerful benefits of Turkey Tail

Immune system benefits

Medicinal properties of Turkey Tail enhances the natural immune response. Particularly helpful for people with autoimmune conditions.

Antiviral actions

Potent agents found in Turkey Tail provide protection against bacterial, viruses and viral infections.

Reduces peripheral neuropathies

Including weakness, numbness, insensitivity and pain, usually in the hands and feet.

Some nutrients featured in Turkey Tail

Beta-glucans, working to support the immune system.

Proteoglycans, powerful actions on the immune system.

Sterols, a natural type of fat with many benefits, including lowering cholesterol.

Bactericide, a powerful antiviral agent.

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