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Vinanza Grape

Vinanza Grape is a revolutionary antioxidant extract from Marlborough sauvignon blanc grape seeds used in skincare that improves elasticity and firmness.

All grape seeds are packed with antioxidants, however Vinanza Grape tops the table.

The location that these grapes are grown in makes all the difference. The Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes are grown in New Zealand, a location that elevates the potency of the grapes to make them stand out with their exceptionally high levels of polyphenic antioxidants, levels which are the highest of any grape grown in the world.

The conditions contributing to this are the abundance of sunshine and the high UV, which means that the plants protect themselves with their high antioxidant levels. Cool nights, fertile soil and low rainfall are all contributing factors too to the potency of these super skin health boosting seeds. By building their own protection the grapes pass their super powers to our skincare.

Antipodes are a New Zealand based natural skincare company who have harvested the powers of Vinanza Grape throughout their skincare range.

The range promises to:

  • improve elasticity and firmness in the skin
  • reduce the appearance of redness
  • brighten skin
  • diminish the appearance of age spots
  • minimise the effects of oxidative stress
Recommended For

Skin Support , Rosacea , Pigmentation , Age spots , Collagen Production

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